How Do I Download My Clip on Android?

Follow the link to your clip: #enter url#

Tap on the blue button "Click here to download your StageClip to your device"

A new tab should open with your clip, the address bar will end in a string of numbers/letters eg. ".../83074231-8e04-4c4c-8813-49f1bf2f060d--93924.mp4"

Tap and hold over the video to bring up the download options (if you have any, otherwise it will download automatically).

Alternatively. you can also use the three vertical dots on the video player (bottom right), and tap "download":

I recommend renaming the file by tapping the 'pen' icon or the equivalent on your device, as this will make it easier to search for / store in the future.

Also, please be aware that the default folder for most android devices is called 'Downloads', and can be found on your phones 'local storage'. You can access this by using a File explorer app (your phone should have a default one) such as 'Files' or 'ES File Explorer'. You may also be able to find the folder using your phone's search function.